Advanced Detection Technologies LLC is a company that specializes in the design and development of solutions that aim at minimizing risks of vehicle-born threats. They have developed a global expertise in access control and under vehicle inspection solutions that are used worldwide in sectors such as government and military officials, local and state police forces, security professionals, industrial manufacturing, power generation, public utilities, hospitality, finance and banking industries.

The company’s flagship product line is the LowCam®, an under-vehicle inspection system aimed at providing reliable inspection of any road vehicle’s undercarriage in search of foreign objects, such as explosive devices or smuggled goods. The LowCam was also designed to perform automatic front and rear license plate recognition as well as acquire other access-control data such as vehicle counting.

lowcam system leddarone

A typical LowCam system works by detecting any vehicle that passes over it. When a vehicle is detected, cameras pointing upwards activate to inspect the vehicle’s underbody and provide real-time playback to the operator. At the same time, another camera module takes a photo of the vehicle’s front and rear license plate to identify it.

Destined to be used in high-security areas, such as defense complexes or nuclear facilities, the LowCam system must sport military-grade robustness. As such, all of its components—casings, cameras, sensors, electronics—have to be rugged; they must withstand the weight of heavy vehicles as well as operate in difficult environments, such as those often subjected to vibrations, harsh weather or dirt accumulation.

Under Vehicle Inspection System - LowCam VI104-l

When initially designing the LowCam systems, Advanced Detection’s development team was faced with the challenge of finding the right sensor to accurately detect passing vehicles. They first tried ultrasonic sensors, but these came short of performance when operating in rain as water accumulation blocked the soundwaves.

The team also tested the LiDAR-Lite optical sensor, which worked in rainy conditions but did not provide good performance in swift-changing light conditions; for example, they did not perform optimally when exposed to bright sunlight and instantaneously subjected to the shadows of an incoming vehicle.

After doing some research online, Advanced Detection engineers came across LeddarTech’s single-point sensor LeddarOne, and ordered a few for testing. They rapidly found out that the LeddarOne outperformed both ultrasound and other optical sensors when confronted to harsh conditions, such as rain and extreme light.


After months of research and testing, we found the LeddarOne to outperform not only LiDAR competitors but also other forms of detection, such as ultrasonic, radar, laser, and video analytics.”

– Robert Durish, Software Engineer, Advanced Detection


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