No sensing solution can claim to be an all-around best performer for every application. Beyond the fundamental technical specifications, many factors are to be considered when making the business case for the selection of a sensing technology. As well, the rapid advancements in sensor technology may provide opportunities to revisit existing solutions with the aim of generating significant efficiency gains.


We had yet another example of this reality recently, when Belgian automated systems developer IMC Engineering was looking to replace an obsolete sensing technology within an existing solution. For the purpose of its application, Leddar’s cost-effectiveness was a game changer when looking at the total cost of ownership compared to other solution.

Since 2006, IMC Engineering develops vehicle profiling systems that allow accurate measurements of incoming trucks in seaports and similar places. The profiling serves for correct invoicing, optimizing load and avoiding damage to the infrastructure. Being able to do this with precision saves port authorities heaps of money in the longer term.

IMC Engineering built and installed many of these profiling systems in France and UK, using various arrays of infrared sensing devices, some requiring up to 200 sender / receiver combinations all along the vehicles’ driving lane. According to Marc Cappaert, Managing Director at IMC Engineering, Transport of the system was not so easy and installation was very labor intensive. Because all hardware was custom made, price was also quite high.”

Leddar came in as IMC wanted to replace obsolete systems, and the outcome is stunning: instead of literally dozens of the previously-used detection devices, only 4 to 6 Leddar sensor modules are needed to accomplish the same task. Cappaert explains: “Using Leddar, we only have to install 2 sensors at the entrance of the lane and 2 up to 4 sensors along the driving direction to measure the speed, so 4 up to 6 sensors in total. So, much better flexibility, easier to install, and better price.”


The IMC Engineering case is an eloquent demonstration of how the increased cost-effectiveness of next-gen sensing technologies emerges as a crucial factor in the decision to deploy a new solution. Going beyond the sheer specifications of the technology, IMC’s business case also considered important cost-of-ownership variables including installation costs, power consumption, maintenance requirements and durability to ponder the choice of their technological partner. And for IMC, LeddarTech was the only logical choice.

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