LeddarTech is happy to announce that the award-winning, open source autopilot platform ArduPilot now natively supports the LeddarOne single-beam sensor module. This is great news for drone developers and tinkerers, ArduPilot being the most widely used software platform for drone guidance and navigation.

The complete details can be found here.

LeddarOne is one of LeddarTech’s flagship sensors for drone altimetry applications. Offered at the affordable price of $115, it provides highly reliable height-above-ground measurements, even in the most challenging lighting or weather conditions.

Learn more about the LeddarOne Rangefinder

draganfly leddarone

Above, LeddarOne integrated in the Draganflyer Commander. Read this article


Installed in over 1,000,000 vehicles world-wide, and with its advanced data-logging, analysis and simulation tools, Ardupilot is the most tested and proven autopilot software. The open-source code base means that it is rapidly evolving, always at the cutting edge of technology development. With many peripheral suppliers creating interfaces, users benefit from a broad ecosystem of sensors, companion computers and communication systems. Finally, since the source code is open, it can be audited to ensure compliance with security and secrecy requirements.” – ardupilot.org