LeddarVu™ is a new solid-state LiDAR platform developed by LeddarTech. It combines the benefits of a compact architecture with superior performance, robustness, affordability and cost-efficiency.

LeddarVu – The new platform for next-gen Leddar sensors

LeddarVu brings a whole new dimension to sensing applications with an optimized modular design that offers a better range, a smaller form-factor and greater flexibility of integration than any other sensor module. Leveraging LeddarTech’s unique expertise in LiDAR detection and ranging, every optical sensor built on the LeddarVu platform inherits the unique added value of Leddar. Conceived to follow the evolution of the next generations of LeddarCore ICs, the LeddarVu platform fosters the development of highly differentiated and affordable solutions powered by optimized Leddar configurations. Learn more about LeddarTech’s roadmap towards high-resolution LiDARs here.

Vu8 – 8 segment sensor module

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Vu8, the most advanced LiDAR sensor module developed at LeddarTech to this day. Delivering nearly twice the range for only about half the volume of his older brother, Vu8 is an 8-segments optical sensor module capable of providing very solid detection and ranging capabilities for a wide range of applications.

vu8 dimensions

Smaller, lighter, more range

The Vu8 is a tour de force of engineering, surpassing its competitors’ numbers in terms of detection range, size, weight, and price. Depending on the optics configuration and on target reflectivity, the 75 grams Vu8 can detect objects at up to 215 m. Like all Leddar multi-segment modules, the Vu8 excels at lateral discrimination, which means it can detect multiple targets in its field of view, and even within a same detection segment. This is possible thanks to LeddarTech’s patented algorithms, who also allow the technology to work reliably in noise or inclement weather such as rain, snow or dust.

LeddarVu8 configurations

Download the complete LeddarVu Specsheet here.

Below, a representation of the various available beam options of the Vu8 and maximum range:

LeddarVu8 configurations

Off the shelf or custom design

Available to purchase directly in six configurations and two interface options on LeddarTech’s online store, Vu8 also benefits from a modular architecture, meaning some of its optical components can be interchanged and tailored to meet the specific requirements of virtually any application, further reinforcing LeddarTech’s philosophy of providing an open and customizable approach to system integration.

vu8 modular