leddartech ces 2017

LeddarTech’s live demonstrations of its solutions for autonomous driving was a huge success at CES 2017, triggering a lot of interest among major players of the automotive industry and establishing LeddarTech as a major player in solid-state LiDAR technologies.

leddartech solid-state lidar concept

The aftermath of the event is that LeddarTech currently is leading the pack in solid-state LiDAR sensing for autonomous driving applications, being the only company that has shown concrete, functional units that demonstrate the full extent of Leddar’s potential.

LeddarTech showcased a MEMS-based solid-state scanning LiDAR at CES 2017.


Having set up the foundations of our technology supply chain also confirms that LeddarTech is in the driver’ seat for mass deployment of LiDAR for ADAS/AD. Indeed, as announced a few weeks back, LeddarTech has successully established a solid network of suppliers to achieve significant milestones towards industry-leading specifications.

leddartech chrysler-fiat-magneti-marelli

Concept LiDAR integrations for autonomous driving applications were on display at Fiat-Chrysler’s space, presented in partnership with Magneti Marelli, Automotive Lighting and Autoliv.


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“And while Quanergy said it would soon ramp its sensor production to a level that will enable a price point below $250, LeddarTech reckons it can trump that with a unit that could sell for just $100.” – Optics.org


“With improved range, FOV and an ecosystem of partners and demonstrations on OEM vehicles like FCA, this Quebec-based company is fast scaling up the ranks.” – Praveen Chandrasekar, Frost & Sullivan Viewpoint – CES 2017 Automotive Expectations


“This high-resolution 3D LiDAR represents a true breakthrough in automotive sensing.” – Auto Connected Car News