The last months have been very busy for LeddarTech, with exciting new projects and challenges on the table. Our roadmap brought us to the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in early January, where we were able to get a solid grasp of the upcoming trends in various consumer electronics sectors, as well as introduce our latest breakthrough solutions to top players in various key markets.

The main buzzwords on the showfloor were drones, smarter homes, the internet-of-things, 3D printing, virtual reality, and autonomous driving. Taking part in the biggest consumer electronics trade show allowed us to validate the relevancy of our technology in some of the hottest 2016 consumer applications.


Drones and UAV

LeddarTech is right on the spot with the introduction of customizable Leddar optical sensing solutions that are aimed at improving spatial awareness, navigation and collision avoidance capabilities for drones. Drones and UAV vendors are actively seeking to integrate on-board sensors that are capable of providing reliable obstacle detection, and this is exactly what they find in the Leddar technology.

More about our solutions for Drones and UAV here.


ADAS and Autonomous Driving

ADAS and autonomous driving drew a lot of attention, and even if the car makers stay vague regarding any timeframe for the market release of automated vehicles, we could at least confirm one thing: sensors are the key element in active safety and driving automation solutions. Fixed-beam Lidars, which leverage the benefits of optical time-of-flight without using any moving parts, are largely considered the best overall solution to deliver cost-effective long-range detection.

More on our solutions for Automotive ADAS here.


During CES, LeddarTech demonstrated how Leddar technology enables automotive grade Lidars that can be integrated into standard headlamp and tail light assemblies to provide highly reliable detection and ranging capabilities. The prototypes presented were received with lots of enthusiasm by major players in the automotive industry.

Leddar sensors for ADAS

Concept of Leddar® fixed beam lidar modules (front and rear)

Leddar prototype CES 2016

Leddar® fixed-beam lidar modules (on the table) that are to be integrated into headlamps and and tail light assemblies for ADAS applications (concept).


Watch the following video interview captured at CES where LeddarTech’s Director of Product Management Michael Poulin explains Leddar-based sensors main advantages for the future of autonomous mobility (interview conducted by Praveen Chandrasekar, Consulting Director at Frost and Sullivan).

Michael Poulin of LeddarTech explains the advantages of Leddar technology


Leddar’s traction in automotive ADAS was recognized by Frost and Sullivan, which presented LeddarTech with the 2016 Best Practices Award for New Product Innovation in the Affordable ADAS Industry.

All in all, LeddarTech truly hit the ground running with high velocity to start this new year. CES allowed us to validate the alignment of our product roadmap with the industry’s forward looking trends, and to confirm our technological leadership in mainstream applications such as drone navigation, ADAS and autonomous driving, gaining lots of traction and recognition in the process.