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A New Phase of Growth for LeddarTech: Interview with the CEO

23 October 2017 By leddartechadmin

Further to the recent announcement of a major round of financing for LeddarTech Inc., we had the opportunity to meet up with company CEO Charles Boulanger for exclusive insight into this new investment supported by key strategic partnerships—both in terms of company’s future and the […]

solid-state lidar for real speed measurement

Multi-segment Flash LiDAR Sensing For Real Speed Measurement

17 May 2017 By LeddarTech

Automated road law enforcement is one of today’s most sought-after traffic management applications. Indeed, being able to automatically detect vehicles, calculate their speed and enforce infractions—while having a calming effect on driving behaviors—is of great convenience for city administrations and legislative bodies, which can now […]

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Camera Focus Technology Reinvented with Multi-Segment Flash LiDAR

21 March 2017 By LeddarTech

Recent innovations in digital imagery have profoundly transformed the way we create our cinematic productions. Highly sophisticated equipment, such as digital cameras and state-of-the-art lenses, has become the standard among industry professionals—with breathtaking results. However, the recent upscaling of picture quality is pushing technical boundaries […]

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