robota selects leddarone altimeter

Robota Selects LeddarOne Altimeter

24 November 2016 By LeddarTech

When drone-maker Robota began designing their latest model of advanced fixed-wing UAV for surveying applications, its engineers knew they would have to leverage the latest and best technologies available in order to set their offering apart from the competition. Introduced in 2016, the Eclipse UAV is an […]

ardupilot supports LeddarOne

LeddarOne Optical Rangefinder Now Supported by ArduPilot

24 October 2016 By LeddarTech

LeddarTech is happy to announce that the award-winning, open source autopilot platform ArduPilot now natively supports the LeddarOne single-beam sensor module. This is great news for drone developers and tinkerers, ArduPilot being the most widely used software platform for drone guidance and navigation. The complete […]


Discover LeddarVu, the new scalable platform towards high-resolution LiDAR

8 September 2016 By LeddarTech

LeddarVu™ is a new solid-state LiDAR platform developed by LeddarTech. It combines the benefits of a compact architecture with superior performance, robustness, affordability and cost-efficiency. LeddarVu – The new platform for next-gen Leddar sensors LeddarVu brings a whole new dimension to sensing applications with an optimized modular […]

Blog Banners Chomp

Leddar Chompin’ on Battlebots

28 July 2016 By LeddarTech

We asked the captain of the Machine Corps robotics team Zoe Stephenson a few questions about Chomp, one of 32 nifty combat robots featured on the second season of the popular TV show BattleBots. Chomp’s nasty tricks are enabled by the Leddar technology, after it was selected by the […]

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