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Leddar Chompin’

28 July 2016 By LeddarTech

We asked the captain of the Machine Corps robotics team Zoe Stephenson a few questions about Chomp, one of 32 nifty combat robots featured on the second season of the popular TV show BattleBots. Chomp’s nasty tricks are enabled by the Leddar technology, after it was selected by the […]

IC Roadmap

LeddarTech Unveils Solid-State LiDAR IC Roadmap Towards Autonomous Driving

29 June 2016 By LeddarTech

Press Release – LeddarTech, an established player in the solid-state ADAS LiDAR market, has unveiled key insights about its LeddarCore IC roadmap, which is set to enable low-cost, high-performance solid-state LiDARs  for multiple automotive safety applications—from ADAS to autonomous driving. During the Sensors EXPO held in […]

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